Terms And Conditions

Opening hours

  • 8am-8pm Mon-Fri
  • 9am-7pm Sat-Sun
  • By appointment only
  • If you do not tell us a rough time that you will be collecting/dropping off, we cannot guarantee that we will not be out walking dogs or running other errands necessary for managing our business.


  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. For most bookings we ask for one day’s stay as the deposit, but for bookings of 9 days or longer, we require 25% of the total as a deposit to secure your dates. Until this has been received your place may be filled by someone else.
  • All dogs must complete a short stay with us (2-3 days) before we are able to accept them for a longer stay (4+ days).
  • We accept cash or bank transfer only. Full payment for all services is required prior to or at the time of drop off. If paying by bank transfer, please pay at least a day or two in advance to allow the funds to appear in our account before you drop your pet(s) off with us.
  • Bank holidays are charged at double rate. We do not allow collection or drop off on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day – please consider this when organising the dates for your booking.
  • If you need to extend your booking please inform us as soon as possible – we will accommodate you if we can, but we cannot guarantee this, particularly at late notice. If you need to reduce the length of your booking & we do not receive a full 7 days’ notice, then you will be charged in full for the original dates of your booking. Please ensure you receive a response from us before assuming that your changes have been approved.

Requirements for Acceptance of Dogs

  • All dogs must be kept up to date with all their annual vaccinations. We do not require the Kennel Cough vaccination, but we strongly recommend it.
  • We request that you bring your dog’s vaccination record with you every time they stay with us so we can see that they are up to date (the only exception to this is our regular day cares, where we will keep a record).
  • We also request that you keep your dog(s) up to date with their flea & worming treatment & will ask for the date of their most recent treatment when you drop them off for their stay.
  • We cannot accept dogs for boarding or day care if they do not mix well with other dogs (we never leave dogs from different households together unsupervised) due to regular commitments with day care clients.
  • Please inform us if your dog has any behavioural issues (possessiveness, guarding behaviours, anything they have shown aggression or fear towards, etc.) to enable us to avoid dangerous situations.
  • We regret that we are unable to house bitches in season. This is a government-mandated regulation for ALL home boarding premises – we cannot house a bitch in season if there are other dogs on the premises. If your female dog has a possibility of being in season during any dates you have booked with us, please inform us as soon as you are aware that this is the case so we can discuss the issue. We will not be held responsible for any incidents resulting from non-disclosure, and you will be responsible for any costs incurred if we need to find alternative accommodation for your dog as a result of her coming into season whilst staying with us.

Extra Charges

  • If it becomes necessary to keep your dog separated from other dogs, then we will charge an extra £5 per day of their stay for the extra management necessary to keep all dogs in our care happy and safe. The welfare of all animals in our care is our utmost concern.
  • If your dog has separation anxiety please declare this on your registration form and any subsequent booking forms. We will need to charge an additional £5 per day of your dog’s stay for the extra management required to ensure the wellbeing of your dog whilst they are staying with us.
  • Please note that if your dog causes damage to our property or necessitates an excessive amount of cleaning (e.g., not toilet trained) there may be additional charges to pay when you collect your dog.
  • Please refer to our prices if you require your dog to have more than one hour of exercise a day. You will need to specify this at the time of booking so our calculations are correct. We may not be able to accommodate the extra exercise if you do not let us know until you drop your dog off for their stay.