Slow Feeders

Lots of dogs eat their food extremely quickly, the food being gone so fast it almost seems to have been “inhaled”. It is not a trait all dogs possess, but for those that do it can cause problems.

Short-term problems such as vomiting or choking can occur during or immediately after eating too quickly, and in the longer-term obesity can be a result. A major problem that can be caused by eating too quickly is bloat, which is a potentially life-threatening condition and is very expensive to treat (follow this link to find out more about bloat

While a slow feeder cannot guarantee to prevent bloat (eating quickly is not the only cause of bloat), it can slow down your dogs’ eating habits, making it a less likely occurrence. Slow feeders have raised features that your dog will need to work their food around to eat it and also making it harder for your dog to take large mouthfuls of food.

If you feel your dog would benefit from a slow feeder, please look below to see our stock. You are welcome to collect from us the next time your dog comes for a stay, or we are happy to post out to you (P&P £3.95).


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“Ridge” Design Slow Feeder

Available in pink, blue, green, yellow & brown




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“Flower” Design Slow Feeder

Available in purple, blue and green