Services and Costs

We currently offer:

  • Dog boarding
  • Doggy day care
  • Dog walking
  • Home visits/cat sitting (feeding/cleaning out/cuddles/letting out for a pee break etc. for cats, dogs & small animals)
  • Small animal boarding (mice, guinea pigs, chinchillas etc.)

With all boarding services your pets will stay in our house and will be treated as part of the family. We do not keep our guests in kennels.

Animals can be dropped off to us or we can arrange a time that we can come and collect them if you are unable to bring them to us. There is a charge of £10 plus mileage for collections/drop-offs. Mileage is charged at 50p per mile over 3 miles from SS7 5EG. Times can be discussed when booking.

For all services payment in advance is required.

A non-refundable deposit is required for all boarding services.

Bank holidays are charged at double rate.

Prices are subject to change. 

Please note: We regret that we cannot accept dogs for boarding or day care if they do not mix well with other dogs due to regular & longstanding commitments with day care clients (we never leave dogs from different households together unsupervised).


Dog Boarding

Your best friend will come to stay at our home and will be given all the freedom they want within our 3 bed home and secure back garden.

20171118_102223You should supply enough food for the duration of your pet’s stay, along with any medications currently being taken and any toys you wish them to have. We do have food/water bowls but you can bring your own if you would prefer.

You should also bring your pet’s bed and/or bedding if they have any as this will help them to feel more at home. We do have spare beds available if you forget or choose not to bring your dog’s own bedding. If your dog has a crate please also provide this.

We will require you to bring your dogs’ vaccination records with you for each stay so we can check that they are up to date with their jabs.

£20 per day + £12 per extra dog from the same household

Dogs requiring more than 1 hour of exercise per day will be charged at £25 per day + £15 per extra dog from the same household

Drop-off and collection can be arranged between 8am-8pm weekdays, or 9am-7pm at weekends.

Doggy Day Care

Given the choice, the majority of dogs would spend most of their time with their human family – they are not fans of being left alone. Day care allows you to go about your 20170509_161204normal day without worrying about your dog being on their own for too long (general recommendations are not to leave your dog for more than 4 hours at a time).

We do not take large groups of dogs and will ensure your pet has some time away from any others to rest or have a nap if they want. We never leave dogs from different houses together without careful supervision.

We will need to see your dogs’ vaccination records before they can join us for day care so we can check that they are up to date with their jabs.

£16 per day + £10 per extra dog from the same household

Dogs requiring more than 1 hour of exercise per day will be £21 per day + £13 per extra dog from the same household

If you need to drop your dog off outside of our normal opening hours we may still be able to accommodate you, but this will incur our out of hours fee (£3).

Dog Walking

If you have a busy lifestyle it can sometimes be difficult to find the time or energy to walk your dog every day. We offer to take this pressure away from you, be it every day, once a week or even just for the odd occasion when your day is too busy.20170401_112611

This service can also be used if your dog can cope with being left alone for a few hours but needs a walk to break up their day if you are out for a long time.

Depending on location/preference we can collect your dog(s) or you can bring them to us and we will take them for a walk. This will be around your local area if we collect your animals, or usually around Richmond Park if you bring your dogs to us.

Your pets will always be exercised on the lead unless we have received written permission from you stating that you are happy for us to walk your pet off the lead.

£14 per hour + £5 per extra dog from same household

£10 per 1/2 hour + £3 per extra dog from the same household

Cat Sitting & Home Visits for Other Animals

received_10155664612894388If you would rather your pet(s) stay within your own home we can come to them for short visits. This service can also be used if you don’t want/need your dog to be walked while you are out, but would still like someone to visit them and let them outside to do their business – although dogs can hold it in all day if necessary it is not good for them, nor is it particularly comfortable.

Arrangements regarding location of food and other necessities will be discussed during the booking process. You will be responsible for ensuring there is enough food, litter, bedding etc. to last for the duration of your holiday.

This service will cover most animals but please enquire about more exotic species as, dependent on the animal’s requirements, special arrangements may need to be made.

£9 per visit (up to 20 minutes)

£15 for two visits in one day (up to 20 minutes each)

Small Animal Boarding

You bring your small animals to us and they stay in the same area as our own small pets. This is separate from the areas of the house that the dogs are allowed in to ensure your small animals are safe and comfortable.Stitch 2

At present we do not have spare cages/hutches for small animals so you will need to bring your small pet in his/her enclosure—small animals usually feel safer & more comfortable in their own enclosures, so this is also beneficial for your pet. You will need to provide enough food, bedding, etc. for the duration of your pet’s stay with us.

We have a selection of pens that we can use to allow your pet to have a little more freedom if applicable, or dependent on animal you can provide a ball.

We are happy to cater for most animals so if your animal is not listed then please contact us.

Prices are based on the number of animals sharing the same cage.

Mice, Gerbils, Hamsters:
1-4 – £3 per day
5-8 – £5 per day

Rats, Degus:
1-3 – £4 per day
4-6 – £7 per day

Chinchillas, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets:
1-2 – £5 per day
3-5 – £9 per day